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Garden Winter Tips

Winter is just around the corner. By now you may have already prepared your garden for winter, but perhaps time hasn’t been on your side. Below you will find a handy list of jobs that need doing prior to winter. Browse our list to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.


During the winter the pond often freezes over, which is not good for your plants and fish. Install a de-icer in the pond. An even better solution is to install a de-icer and aeration pump. This useful combination keeps an area of the pond from freezing during periods of frost, with the pump providing the essential oxygen keeping your fish and plants alive.


Ice can do more damage than you may think. Water expands in volume as it freezes, causing pressure to your pipes/hoses. When this happens the pipes can easily burst, which can be very timely and expensive to fix. Empty your outdoor water pipes. Firstly disconnect the water supply inside the house, turn on the outdoor tap until all the water no water comes out. You will also want to empty the garden hose and sprinkler!


Not only do we need to protect our plants and equipment but our feathered friends need a heloing hand too. During the cold weather food can become scare so a few nuts and seeds will be a welcomed. Don’t forget birds will only feed where they feel safe. Place the food approximately
1.75 m high in a place with an open view all round.

Preparing your greenhouse

Plants need to stay warm in winter and receive as much light as possible. During autumn the hours of daylight diminish quickly and light in November is definitely an issue. Ensure your greenhouse windows are clean so that your plants get as much light as possible.

Your greenhouse should also be insulated so that your vulnerable plants won’t suffer from the cold and draughts. Greenhouse heaters prove far less effective in a poorly insulated greenhouse. Regularly check your heaters to make sure they are working properly.

Garden furniture

Not all garden furniture is resistant to cold and frost. Teak furniture can be left outside; all it needs is a clean with a brush and soapy water at the beginning of spring. However plastic and cane furniture are vulnerable to the cold and damp. Not only that but they can become discoloured in the sun, so this furniture should be cleaned and put away over winter.

Garden tools

Tools that are no longer needed should be cleaned and oiled before storage. This will keep them in tip top condition.


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