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What makes a good blog?

Correct-Holland-Version-Spalding_ApprovedSeveral times a year we ask our members of the Spalding Blogger Club to put on their blogging hats and enter our competition to write the most imaginative and inspirational gardening blog. We are always impressed at the topics discussed and whether the author is a so-called ‘expert’ or even a self-confessed gardening  addict, there is sometimes information that is useful, often elements of humour and always an undeniable love of gardening.

Congratulations to our Winner & Runners-Up

As the number of excellent entries were so high, this time we decided to select 4 runners-up and 1 winner. The selected topic for this was ‘Spring Patio’.

The Runners-up vary enormously

Bury Gardeners wrote about their Spring Patio display to come, selecting and describing in fine detail their bulbs of  choice. Read more here.The Gardening Register described a dramatic and colourful display that would be the envy of many. Read more here.Our friends at Green Lane Allotments selected a yellow and purple display. Read more here. Dig the Outside took a different stance and showed us all how to get in the true Christmas spirit! Read more here.

Well done to you all!

The winner though was categorically Loosing the plot who despite a dislike of bulbs(!) took great care to explain their display and draw the reader into their thought process. Read more here.

Congratulations to you all once again – your prizes await!

If you want to particpate in our next blogging competition, please feel free to contact us – the more the merrier!


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