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White Powell Lily

Ok I confess Annie, I’d forgotten I’d planted this new Spalding product!  I returned home last night and was checking the garden when I spied in one my pots these beautiful White Powell Lilies. I then cast my mind back to the start of the year…..

White Powell LilyI was browsing through the Spalding Plant and Bulb catalogue with Annie and was planning what I wanted to grow. I was looking at a Dahila – Melody Pink Allegro (I adore Dahlia’s) when my eye kept being drawn to the picture to the right of it. This featured a beautiful White Powell Lily (Crinum x powellii “Album”)

I’d been looking for some new items to grow in pots and thought this would be ideal as it is a good container plant, it can take a bit of cold weather but is not hardy. Having said that’ it does prefer a warm sheltered position, with lots of sunlight. This particular lily has a very large bulb – plant with the point facing upwards. In the ground they can withstand the cold temperatures and last the winter. In a pot they should be overwintered in a frost-free place.

It flowers between August and September so I’d actually forgotten about it (someone forgot to label it Annie!) so it was an absolute delight to see the beautiful flowers on my return home. Easy to grow and with little maintenance, I recommend the White Powell Lily.

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