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Solidago ‘Strahlenkrone’, Goldenrod has been a summer favourite for many years and never fails to add an abundance of colour to my border. It keeps springing up in various parts of the garden. Adrian took a clump from mine 2 years ago – it transplanted well and is looking really healthy in his border. We love it as it always looks so cheerful and it also attracts butterflies.

The summer season is gradually creeping into the autumn season and even though I am still enjoying some summer colour I also look forward to the autumnal colours that will soon unfold in our gardens. But for now I will continue to enjoy my late summer garden.

DaturaHere are a few of my favourites – one that I love is my white datura. Adrian and I have both grown these and to quote Adrian, ‘Anne yours is far superior to mine’ – YES, result! The competitive streak continues between us. Although I have to admit that he has had a lot more success with his dahlias compared to me. He really took more care than I did to overwinter them – well done Adrian, it paid off!

My fuchsias have given me lots of pleasure with outstanding blooms and this week my hardy Tom Thumb fuchsia has started to flower – I just love the colour of the foliage.

Himalayan Honeysuckle
Himalayan Honeysuckle

Now for my Leycesteria Formosa also known as the Himalayan Honeysuckle, Pheasant Berry or the Flowering Nutmeg. It has grown so much that it has swamped the dwarf apple tree that is growing in a pot nearby and is now showing off its beautiful and vibrant coloured pendant clusters of berries which should last until November. The flowers have been so eye-catching since June and have attracted many bees, butterflies and birds into my garden, which I love to see.


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