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The beautiful lilac blooms May-June. The purple clusters of Syringa vulgaris exude a wonderful fragrance. After such a long drawn out spring, it is such a joy to see our gardens coming to life. I have enjoyed these last few weeks with each day bringing something new into bloom. I can’t wait to get home from work at night to see what delight will great me in the garden. Here are a few more!

Camassia leichtlinii ‘Caerulea’ – very eye-catching in the garden and is also one of the lesser-known spring flowers – a must to get to know. Castor oil plant and Bacopa – Bacopa is ideal for growing beneath taller plants in containers and so so pretty.

Clematis montana var. rubens – The pale pink flowers of Clematis montana var. rubens are quite small but appear in abundance. The ferns are springing up all over the place and I just love the foliage.

A very welcome shrub for the garden is the Japanese Maple with its magnificent, slender dark red leaves. At the weekend I made up a few hanging baskets which I hang every year from the boughs of my apple tree – a tip when watering is to put a container underneath. Last year the water draining from them saturated the grass just a little too much! The pansy basket has been hanging there in flower all through the very cold and snowy spells and is still flowering.

veggie box
Veggie Box

Let’s not forget the veggie box – this year is Adrian’s and my first attempt and it is such fun. The carrots are on their way and there are signs of spring onions and another row of lettuce coming through – for those we used seed tapes – ideal and so easy, make a groove lay, the tape in, slightly cover and within a few days – bingo there are signs of next months salad coming through.

We are really hooked on this way of growing vegetables and will definitely be investing in more boxes – Adrian has already submitted his weekly greengrocer list – what’s this on his list ‘artichoke’ – sorry Adrian, not that advanced yet!

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