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Autumn Garden Tips

Adrian and I have become weekend gardeners. Like many other people who juggle working and caring for the garden it is dark when we go to work in the morning and again when we return home in the evening.  On a Wednesday when we have our gardening night we long to roll up our sleeves and get out into the greenhouse.  So we have to talk about it instead and plan for the weekend.

At the weekend there are still quite a few jobs to undertake and so Adrian, tonight we are going to sit and make a list of the musts that we have to attend to – and no Adrian, gardening comes before football (wants to go to football indeed – Millwall at that!)


The main chore in both our gardens at this time of the year is to keep on top of the falling leaves. As much as we both agree that the fallen autumnal coloured leaves may look beautiful they are not good for the health of the lawns – as they do need to breathe. Of course there is also a benefit of gathering them as they can be utilised as leaf mould.  We do however leave a layer in the borders as they act as insulation over the winter months.

Ok Adrian what have you listed? Great idea he has suggested that we wrap up our outside taps to prevent them from freezing. I use bubble wrap with a small thermo bag tied over it. We have already brought our tender plants inside – it is such an achievement when you have nurtured a plant over the winter months to see it come to life in the spring.  Adrian has lifted some of his dahlias but is also experimenting by leaving some in the ground and covering them with mulch. The cannas in pots have been brought in along with our begonias and some fuchsias. Which reminds me my verbenas and abutilon must be brought in this weekend – they were so beautiful I would be upset to lose them. In general any plants that you need to protect and are not lifting can be covered with dry mulch and any plants in pots can be stored indoors (greenhouse, shed with a window or even the utility room).

Lanai Twister
Lanai Twister

This year we grew sweet peas from seeds that we saved from the previous year and have already collected seeds from this year’s flowering ready for sowing. Look around your garden there are so many different flowers that you can collect seeds from. It’s always nice to treat yourself to new varieties but also satisfying to use some favourites from your own garden.

That’s what we will do this weekend Adrian – look around our own gardens and see what we can find. Another gardening night and we didn’t even get our hands dirty!


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