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After reading my friends encounter of our Wednesday night gardening activities, I sense a little competition creeping in. He gloatingly informed me that his Calla Lilies have grown more than mine. I suspect he has been using a fertiliser – I haven’t and yes it does help to encourage a better growth. Watch out next year Adrian!

This week we were sowing some flower seeds. A little late for one of the varieties – according to the packet they should have been sown a few weeks ago but hey ho nature has a way of righting itself so we await their growth with anticipation.

I did notice that as we stood side by side sowing them he put his name on the ones that he’d sown so that he could monitor their growth. Has he really thought about this – they are in my greenhouse and I will say no more!

Joking apart growing your own plants from seed is enormous fun. Watching their growth, caring for them and the pleasure they give when you finally plant them out in your garden – yes it takes time watering, pricking them out and bringing them on but so rewarding to see them grow from a very tiny seed (sometimes only looking like dust) into a perfectly formed flower.

The varieties and colours are endless. Last year we grew so many that it was an effort to find our way into the greenhouse and we had to erect a table outside for the overflow. This year we have had a wonderful display of foxgloves – grown from seed last year and spent the winter in the greenhouse in pots. They remind me of my childhood when my Grandparents had an old fashioned country garden growing all the old favourites. Foxgloves (digitalis purpurea) are great for the back of a garden border and shaded places and flower on tall stalks in beautiful shades of pink, purple, red and white. Digitalis purpurea is an herbaceous biennial. The plus side of these flowers are that they attract butterflies and bees into your garden.

It’s also a great idea and fun to grow your own fruit and vegetables – which I will tell you about another time. Because now I am off to the greenhouse to decide if it’s time to change the names around on the pots – sorry Adrian!

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