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Well what a wonderful team we have here at Spalding. Every member of staff has a super story to tell, whether it be about a pesky squirrel stealing figs straight from Nancy’s tree or 6 Chickens tucking into fresh cabbages straight from Linda’s allotment, this morning I’ve heard it all.

In this three part blog you have the chance to meet a few members of our team, a team with a wealth of horticultural knowledge and a passion for gardening.

Rachel - Gardening Tips IdeasI will begin by introducing myself, my name is Rachel, I have been a part of this exciting team for nearly two years now. In the gardening world I would describe myself as a ‘rooky’ keen to learn from the wealth of knowledge that works around me. I then take that home to experiment in my own small village garden. I am going to write about my trials and tribulations, my successes and failures as my garden develops into a well-loved and very used space. I’m sure along the way many more topics that may be of interest will crop up too. However, today it’s onto our team.


Corinne is our Senior Team Leader; she has been with the company for 18 years. During this time Corinne has always enjoyed seeing the spring bulbs each year, her favourites are the cheerful and ever so popular Double Flowered Narcissi, it’s a wonderful reminder that the warmer months are well on the way. During the summer months Corinne loves the tropical look of her Hibiscus which thrives here in south Lincolnshire.

Linda - Bakker Spalding

Six cheeky chickens are enough to keep Linda on her toes in her garden. Linda is our longest serving fast track order line lady. When out of the office, Linda enjoys getting dirty on her allotment and growing cabbages for her chickens to tuck in to. Linda tells me of colourful tall sun flowers which can be seen poking over the fence for the birds to peck at. I think our feathered friends are lucky to have Linda!

To be continued…..

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