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Continuing on from the last time we met…..

Viv - Bakker Spalding

A pond is the key focal point of Viv’s garden. Viv has been advising customers of all things floral for over nine years now and loves to see all the beauty in her garden that she has created with the help of Spalding Plant and Bulb. One of the features to Viv’s garden that she is most proud of is her Koi Carp pond. Viv believes that her key to success has been growing water cress in the pond as it is good for the nitrate balance and helps to filter the water too. The floating plant Island brings colour and extra interest to the pond and most importantly protection for the fish from predators and the elements.

Nancy - Bakker Spalding

For 25 years now Nancy has brought a cheery glow to the office helping customers over the telephone and by letter with questions and queries. However, this cheery glow is short lived when the squirrels take Nancy’s rip figs from her patio tree! Nancy has many well established trees in her garden and finds Arum Cuckoo Pint’s sit beautifully in the shady locations bringing texture and colour to the wooded areas.

June - Bakker Spalding

In the busy post room we can find June. For 21 years now June has been with the company and during that time her passion for gardening has grown and grown. June is particularly proud of her olive tree which she has just brought in to protect from the frost, she also grows fruit trees and has had a lot of success from her hanging strawberry plants this year, I think we should put the success down to the beautiful warm summer we have had this year and also June’s green fingers.

To be continued….

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