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Views from the Greenhouse - Adrian & AnneEvery Wednesday evening my good friend Annie and I rush home from work to meet up for a spot of gardening. This usually involves fish and chips, mugs of tea and coffee and the odd glass of wine! We are told by neighbours they are intrigued as to what goes on due to the incessant hails of laughter coming from the greenhouse! So we have decided to “get with the times” (Whatever that means) and create a blog to share with friends and fellow gardeners, our interest in all things gardening but totally irreverent!

We garden in three different gardens. The first is in Spalding Lincolnshire (We both work at the Spalding Plant and Bulb Company – ) The second is nearby Pinchbeck and finally but not least in Suffolk. Hope you enjoy!

Adrian & Annie

Views from the Greenhouse

Rainbow Tulips - View from the Greenhouse - Bakker Holland

The ‘Rainbow Race’

I was so excited last autumn when I planted my Rainbow Tulips that were a special offer and now they are just beginning to unfurl and show their colours. It’s a little like watching a horse race toa see which colour comes in first.
At the moment Red ‘Casa Grande’ is taking the lead, followed by Purple’ Exquisit’, neck to neck comes Yellow ‘Tropical Wave’ and Pink ‘Queensland’ followed closely …Read More

Poinsettia Bakker-w850

Happy Christmas Everyone from Bakker Spalding

Just a few days to go and here’s hoping that everyone wherever you are have a lovey Christmas. My tree is decked – the Santas are back on the fireplace and I’m almost ready. My Grandchildren are growing up and the festivities take on a slightly different aspect – where once it was up at the crack of dawn, it’s now a more reasonable hour that the festivities begin – …Read More

Red Rimmed Tuberosa Begonias

Non Stop® begonias, they just keep flowering!

Flowers, flowers and yes more flowers, flowering from June through to November. That’s what you call value for money and in such beautiful colours they will look spectacular wherever you grow them! And guess what… If you look after them over winter they will flower again next year.

For years begonias took a back seat to many other plants in the garden but now with their amazing range of …Read More

Lily Garden - Standing Proud

Lily Garden

Did you know that the lily symbolises the 30th wedding anniversary, meaning devotion? So if any of you gardeners are looking forward to celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary next summer why don’t you start planning now by ordering some lily bulbs and then next year you can present your other half with a bouquet of lovingly home grown lilies? How romantic is that?
This year I have grown several different varieties …Read More

Asiatic lily ‘Sugar Love’

Wonderful or What

Wonderful or What? I think that the Asiatic Lily ‘Sugar Love’ must be one of the prettiest of lilies. Look closely at the image, how perfect is the shape and the soft colouring of these beautiful pink tipped flowers?
The up facing flowers are making such a statement in my garden in an unassuming way. Thank goodness I grew them in a pot as I have been able to stand them in …Read More


Spring and Summer Sunny Sensation

In the middle of April Adrian and I spent an industrious afternoon planting bulbs and are now enjoying what we hope will be the beginning of our flower festival. The first to flower is the Ismene ‘Sulphur Queen’, with rather unique looking flowers in yellow and green. The yellow flowers fade to almost white at the edges and have a lovely striped green throat. Such an intriguing flower with a …Read More

Views from the Greenhouse

Good Bulbs, Weather and Company

What more can you ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Adrian and I have been planning a get together for planting and today’s the day. Our order from Bakker Spalding has arrived and we are eager to get started. Such a great feeling to get back into the gardening mode after the cold winter days.
Sleeves already rolled up but before we start we’ll spend a little time drinking coffee and …Read More

A Good Idea for your Spalding Dahlias

Annie and I like to visit gardens throughout the summer. Everything from stately homes through to neighbours gardens here in Spalding. No matter where we go we find ideas and inspiration which we can use for our own gardening.

The other day we visited Houghton Hall, near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Built in the 1720’s by Sir Robert Walpole it is one of England’s finest Palladian houses. It is also a …Read More

Rain or Tap Water - Gardening Garden Care

Rain or Tap Water?

The warmer weather is here which means a drier period for the garden so it’s time to water or spray your plants!  Which is the best water to use – tap water or rain water? If you are watering potted plants, check the soil in the pots. Water gradually until the soil is moist and the water starts to run through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. …Read More



As promised after writing about the Fuseables® in February, I said that I would return at a later date once they had flowered…for those of you who may not have read the earlier blog or heard of Fuseables® they are a unique method for combining plants the easy way – the latest innovation in the field of technology. They are a kind of coated seed pellet composed of several seeds …Read More

Sunshine Garden Flowers Pot

Bring Me Sunshine

It’s surprising the difference a few days of sunshine can make to the flowers in your garden. Returning home from a short break I was delighted to see the change in my garden – flowers, flowers and more flowers.

Shasta Daisy – Perennial

The Shasta daisies (an old favourite of many gardeners) had romped away in my natural corner. Always a joy to see the fresh looking flowers especially when grown in …Read More

Tulip Mania Continues

Our tulip mania continues – Adrian and I have been so in awe of our tulips this year that we feel we must do a follow up on our last tulip blog and share some photos with you. The colours, shapes and sizes have all been utterly outstanding, you just want them to keep on flowering. It’s almost difficult to decide whether some of them are peonies or they really …Read More

Tulips (the meaning of tulips – Perfect Love)

We’ve got Tulip mania – Adrian and I love them and really wished we had planted more last autumn. We are spoilt for choice with just so many varieties in such a wide range of colours and shapes – all of which are a must for any style of garden. Even the leaves of some varieties are very eye-catching with contrasting stripes.  And what we like about tulips is that …Read More

Spring Garden Flowers

Eager for Spring to Start!

With all the bad weather around we were very lucky in this corner of the UK to enjoy a relatively dry weekend. After all the wet and cold weather I felt a sense of freedom when I was wandering around my garden looking for signs of spring.  I found the occasional beautiful blue anemone blanda in flower (always a favourite of mine) and the arrival of a few snowdrops showing …Read More

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