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We have put together some useful tips and advice for you!

  1. Plan – It is always best to have a plan as it saves a lot of time and effort. Always bear in mind size of plants, soil conditions and very important is the sun direction. Remember there is always the right spot in any garden for any plant. You just have to work it out where is the most suitable place to plant to get the best out of it.
  2. A tip for the above is to share your thoughts with your neighbours and find out what they find grows best and where.
  3. Tools – Using the right tool for the right job makes gardening much easier. See our range – we have a tool for every occasion.
  4. Compost – Turn garden waste into nutritious compost! See our Composter on the Website. Great for a way of disposing your fallen autumn leaves and grass cuttings. A tip: do not use any plants that have a soil based disease.
  5. Protect your greenhouse – It is always a good idea to take extra precaution in the winter if you have seeds or plants growing in the greenhouse. A tip: By lining your greenhouse with bubble wrap it will give your plants etc. that extra little bit of TLC. The bubble wrap can be dismantled in the spring and saved for future use.
  6. Collecting rainwater – Always a good idea to conserve rain water. Rainwater is high in nitrogen which is more beneficial for your plants. See our Rain Barrel on the Website and also our unique drainpipe water butt.
  7. Naturalising bulbs – Naturalising means growing bulbs exactly as they would be found in nature, often in grass. To achieve a natural look, scatter bulbs and plant them where they land, a must for any spring garden. See our Website for our wonderful assortment.
  8. Garden types – See our Website for the different types of gardens that you can create e.g. as ‘A Butterfly Garden’, a ‘Children’s Garden’ or a lovely old fashioned ‘English Cottage Garden’. Give your garden some thought and create a ‘Garden of your Choice’.
  9. Seed mats – Are great for helping you to decide on a colour theme. Seed mats must surely be the quickest and easiest way to create, bright, colourful beds and borders in the garden and so easy to use. We sell a wide range for you to choose from.
  10. Garden Calendar – Tips and advice for each month. Read our ‘Garden Calendar’ and keep ahead of the jobs to be done in your garden and when they are to be done by.
  11. Grow your own – Grow it, eat it and stay healthy. This is becoming more and more popular. What can be more rewarding than home-grown, fruit and vegetablesBrowse through our Website which is full of tips and inspiration for growing your own fruit and vegetables – you know it makes sense!
  12. Fertiliser – Treat your plants to a meal, as we need food so do your plants.  We sell 100% Organic Fertilisers in a very wide range.  A fertiliser to suit any type of plant and vegetable.

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