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 As we walked through Annie’s garden last night she pointed out that her Calla Lilies would soon be flowering. So it was with a rather smug and satisfied smile, that I was able to tell her mine already had! I bought a pack of five last year, put them in a pot and to be honest not much happened, I think two actually flowered. I was a bit disappointed but as I didn’t need the pot right away I left them – frankly I forgot they were there!  It is a nice pot so I left it on the patio. I’m so pleased I did as I now have some very nice Calla lilies – even though they recommend changing the pot soil once a year.  I love the narrow vase shaped  flowers set off against the beautifully shaped green leaves. I think the reason for this year’s display is the sheer very high rainfall we have had – June was the highest amount ever recorded. Calla Lilies require a lot of water.

Calla LilyCalla lilies or to give them their posh name “ Zantedeschia” come from South Africa. In truth it is not really a lily. I actually had mine in a good position as they do like the sun or partial shade. They can be grown in pots or in the garden boarder- though they do like it to be well drained. We like them as a cut flower at home as they tend to last quite a relatively long time and one of these days I will tell you about the Lily man in Suffolk….

I think next year I will grow them in the garden. They develop new bulbs which I can then spread over an area that I will set aside for the purpose. I have read that they can spread and really take over. So I will be careful where I put them. In the meantime I’m going to savour this year’s flowering – better luck next year Annie!

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