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Underground Rainbow Bakker Bulbs

The people have spoken! The votes have been counted for Bakker Spalding’s online poll on which varieties should be included in their new, exclusive rainbow bulb collection. Thousands upon thousands of you voted and it’s clear that this year, everyone’s dotty about tulips! So, who are the winners, and how can you get the best from them in your garden? 

 RED: Tulip ‘Case Grande’ Wow! What a start to the rainbow. This is one of the biggest, brightest tulips out there, guaranteed to pack a punch and wake you up after the long cold winter months. The flowers can be as large as 15-20cm (6-8in)! These aren’t subtle, so I’d probably use them in bedding or pots for maximum impact.

YELLOW: ‘Tulip Tropical Wave’ Who thought that daffodils had the monopoly on yellow spring bulbs? A Bakker Spalding exclusive, this tulip is sure to make a splash in your garden. Don’t forget that tulips make wonderful cut flowers too.

PINK: ‘Tulip Queensland’ Looking for all the world as if they were designed by Marie Antoinette during a particularly girly phase, these pretty pink fringed tulips simply demand closer inspection. Don’t worry though, they’re just as easy to grow as the normal types.

GREEN: Tulip ‘Green Bizarre’ Flower arrangers take note. ‘Green Bizarre’ is a must-have for any self-respecting spring arrangement. Not only are the flowers a wonderful vivid green colour, but they have fabulously intricate forms too. Combine with ornamental grasses for a combination that will stop garden visitors in their tracks.

PURPLE: Tulip ‘Exquisit’ To be perfectly honest, it’s not my taste at all, but it’s unusual enough to really confuse people who’ve never seen this type of flower before. Why not plant some in a friend’s garden to baffle the hell out of them come next spring?

ORANGE: Tulip ‘Charming Beauty Now this is more like it. If you’re a fan of pastel colours, this is a delightful addition to the spring garden. Its soft apricot-orange flowers from green-tinged buds will combine beautifully with blue spring flowers such as forget-me-nots, or the ochres and burgundies so often seen in mixed wallflowers.

BLUE: Tulip ‘Blue Parrot And we’re out with a bang! This stunner of a tulip has the most beautiful, colour-changing flowers. From a greenish bud they open to slate-grey-blue then fade through shades of mauve, lavender and bronze. Not a true blue, but well worth growing, they make a wonderful cut flower.

For more information on how to grow tulips please visit our website (scroll to the bottom of the page). Happy planting!

Plant a rainbow - tulips bulbs

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