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Rainbow Tulips - View from the Greenhouse - Bakker Holland

I was so excited last autumn when I planted my Rainbow Tulips that were a special offer and now they are just beginning to unfurl and show their colours. It’s a little like watching a horse race toa see which colour comes in first.

Rainbow Tulips - View from the Greenhouse - Bakker HollandAt the moment Red ‘Casa Grande’ is taking the lead, followed by Purple’ Exquisit’, neck to neck comes Yellow ‘Tropical Wave’ and Pink ‘Queensland’ followed closely by Green ‘Green Bizarre’ and Orange ‘Charming Beauty’ and following up the rear is Blue ‘Blue Parrot’. One thing that is a dead cert is that they are all looking very strong and healthy but just need that little extra sun (which we are lacking at the moment) to bring them all into flower. I have put the Red ‘Casa Grande’ in the shade to give the rest of the rainbow a chance to catch up.

I’m just hoping that they cross the line all in flower at the same time – what’s the odds on that? I’ll be back in a week or two when the rainbow is in its full glory.


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