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After years “behind the scenes”, stood behind BBC cameras with a clipboard, tapping away at a computer for the RHS and working in the peace of a hillside garden in Provence, I finally took the plunge and ran a gardening class last Tuesday.

I’ve always greatly admired teachers (frankly, I find the thought of all those expectant faces looking at you rather un-nerving) – so when I was asked to teach a class about getting the most out of a small vegetable plot, my first reaction was not exactly gleeful acceptance.

Several good friends of mine work on a super project called ‘Greeniversity’ which is a free, locally-based skills sharing programme, which gets people together to learn how to make sustainable communities for the future. If that all sounds a bit of a mouthful, the basic format was a free, one hour class in a meeting room at the Peterborough branch of Waitrose, teaching people how to get the most out of a small vegetable plot.

It was a popular class – the room was full to capacity, so I thought, why not share some of the info on the blog? Greeniversity is a fantastic resource, I urge you to sign up and find out about other upcoming classes.


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