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Christmas Tree

 It’s come round to that time of the year for a Christmas tree! Do you already have one? If you have a real tree then of course that is extra special – but what is the best way to care for it? Read on and we will tell you how to keep it looking healthy through the festive period.

Let your tree acclimatise

During the Christmas period it can freeze, and especially if you bought your Christmas tree from straight out of a field or from an outdoor place. For a day or two let it get used to a warmer temperature by placing it in a cool garage – you can then bring it indoors.


Do not place your Christmas tree too close to lighting or heating – the tree is in a resting period  and these two factors can lead to dehydration.  Your Christmas tree will be best in a light place, as long as there is no direct sunlight.  The humidity of the room should also be considered.

If necessary once you have selected your Christmas tree you may need a pot for it. It is important to choose one with holes in the base, so that the surplus water can drain away (in a different pot or tub). The pot should be large enough so that there is still space for soil to be packed around the root ball.

To prevent them making a mess by losing their needles keep them watered. Once the tree is potted, water it with several litres of water. During the whole of the Christmas period water every day with approximately 1-2 litres.


If it turns out that your tree is bigger than you thought, maybe it’s too tall for your room – it is not a problem to take out the top. However if you intend to plant the tree in the garden after Christmas it will create several new tops. As a result the tree will grow out of shape, you can cut them again into shape leaving the best to form the shape.

Tree planting

If you do have a real Christmas tree you might find it a waste to throw it away so if you have enough space in your garden give saving it a try!


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