The water saving garden part 3

Generally speaking, container growing is a water-extravagant form of gardening as most plants grown in containers dry out much faster than if they were planted direct into the garden soil. On the other hand, ornamental tubs and the like can be a very attractive feature of a garden. If for one reason or another containers are essential, use as large ones as possible, fill with soil-based compost, and incorporate water-retaining …Read More

The Water Saving Garden part 2

If seeing your lawn turn straw-like every time the temperature rises and rainfall drops off worries you, you may be happier replacing it with gravel or paving. Paving a sunny spot will make the area even hotter, and this will have an effect on the plants you choose in the vicinity. If you cannot live without a lawn, a very high-grade mix will usually recover better after drought than an …Read More


The water saving garden

Most gardens can be modified to use much less water than they already do. There are many ways to make a garden much more thrifty where supplementary watering is concerned. How many of these ideas are necessary depends very much on geographical location and temporary climatic conditions, but there are few gardens which would not benefit in some way from at least one of these ideas. Remember, too, that cutting …Read More

Pond in the garden

Water Garden – Aftercare

Treat marginals growing in the soil surrounding the pool as any other herbaceous. With regard to those aquatic plants growing in the water area, if you have stocked and planted up your pond as suggested, maintenance need only consist of an annual spring clean sometime during April, May or June. Remove the crates, pull off dead material and clean out all debris which has accumulated at the bottom.
After a few …Read More


Water Garden – Stocking the Pool

Between April and early August is the best period for stocking the pond, because the water is warm enough to get the plants growing away strongly. In winter the disturbed roots would probably rot, although there is nothing to stop you constructing the pool then, and stocking when the time is right.

Stocking the pool
The plants you are likely to encounter when beginning to plant up the pond can be divided …Read More

Creating a pool in the garden - water

Water Garden – Creating the pool

Siting the pool
Water gardens, except bog areas, which can stand a certain amount of shade, are best situated in an open, sunny position, otherwise the water tends to green up with algae. If you are using a fountain or similar, place the pool where you are most likely to get the benefit from the sound of splashing water, otherwise an informal pool is sometimes better in a peaceful spot away …Read More

Water in the garden

The Water Garden

Next to rockeries, inexperienced gardeners seem to want a water garden more than any other feature, usually without understanding what they are letting themselves in for. Admittedly there are very good arguments in favour of considering water when planning your garden:


The effect of light on the surface and reflections in the water give a feeling of tranquillity.
The sound of running water from a fountain or cascade is very …Read More