The Chelsea Flower Show

An Enjoyable Day at Chelsea Flower Show! Last year Adrian went off to the Chelsea Flower Show and left me behind – this year it was the reverse, I went off and left Adrian behind. My friend Liz and myself both being keen gardeners were very excited about the day ahead of us until we were travelling through London in a coach with the weather looking anything but friendly. Thunder above us, …Read More

Spring Garden Flowers

Eager for Spring to Start!

With all the bad weather around we were very lucky in this corner of the UK to enjoy a relatively dry weekend. After all the wet and cold weather I felt a sense of freedom when I was wandering around my garden looking for signs of spring.  I found the occasional beautiful blue anemone blanda in flower (always a favourite of mine) and the arrival of a few snowdrops showing …Read More


What’s looking good in the October garden?

Solidago ‘Strahlenkrone’, Goldenrod has been a summer favourite for many years and never fails to add an abundance of colour to my border. It keeps springing up in various parts of the garden. Adrian took a clump from mine 2 years ago – it transplanted well and is looking really healthy in his border. We love it as it always looks so cheerful and it also attracts butterflies.
The summer season …Read More


Bulbs and corms for spring flowers

Following the discussion Adrian and I had last week regarding which bulbs we would like to plant this autumn for our spring gardens, we thought we would share some information and a few tips with you.

Bulbs and corms for spring flowers (plant in autumn)
Autumn – sometime between September and December – is the time for planting flower bulbs. A number of them can be planted from September onwards, especially the …Read More

White Powell Lily

White Powell Lily

Ok I confess Annie, I’d forgotten I’d planted this new Spalding product!  I returned home last night and was checking the garden when I spied in one my pots these beautiful White Powell Lilies. I then cast my mind back to the start of the year…..
I was browsing through the Spalding Plant and Bulb catalogue with Annie and was planning what I wanted to grow. I was looking at a …Read More



This is the 1st time that I have grown an Abutilon and I absolutely love it. Next year I will definitely be growing more. They do come in various varieties and colours, plus there is the ‘Tricoloured Abutilon’ which combines 3 plants in different colours. I am so delighted with my yellow one, imagine how I will feel if I have a pot with three different colours of this lovely …Read More