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Bakker’s Top 10 for Spring 2018!

Who wouldn’t want some extraordinary bulbs ready to spice up your spring?
Here we have our top ten, chosen for a long display of colour, vigour and fun!
Every bulb offers something different! They will certainly stand out in the spring sunshine. With a wide variety of colour, shapes and sizes, they really are perfect to be planted in your borders, patio pots and homes!
There are so many spring bulbs to choose …Read More

Are bulbs boring?



I’ve been gripped by bulb fever this autumn, buying packets of dwarf daffodils, tulips, iris etc as if they were going out of fashion. I’m determined that come springtime, I won’t regret being stingy back in the autumn – and end up buying pots of bulbs in flower at a much greater cost than purchasing dry bulbs in the autumn.


But there’s a problem with bulbs… there won’t be anything much …Read More

Springing into autumn

A warm summer’s evening might seem a weird time to be thinking about spring, but as anyone who’s been to any DIY store or garden centre recently will know, it’s bulb time again. Like mushrooms after the rain, racks of packets, covered in gaudy pictures, suddenly sprout on the shelves, and the soft thud of the Bakker.com bulb catalogue on the doormat heralds a change in the pace of the …Read More

Keukenhof 2016 - Photo 1

Keukenhof 2016

March the 24th, was the open day of Keukenhof 2016! Bakker.com have been proud sponsors of the Keukenhof now for many years. I was lucky enough to visit recently and my high expectations were well and truly met! From walking though the gates, the sense of excitement is buzzing around you. For any gardener, I can only liken it to Charlie entering the Chocolate Factory! Just wow!

It was a chilly morning …Read More

Apples Bakker UK Spalding

How not to garden

Ever looked through other people’s Facebook feeds and thought how their lives must be way better than yours? I reckon it’s something most of us feel from time to time.

But of course, for every immaculate beach sunset there were dozens of grey rainy days – it’s just that online, everyone tends to present edited highlights rather than a warts-and-all account of what’s going on. And this blog is no exception. …Read More

Flower Fields

10 things you (probably) didn’t know about… tulips

So, the results are in and the exciting new rainbow collection of tulips is available. But what’s the story behind these quintessential spring flowers? And what secrets do they hide?

Although Holland is famous for tulips, they’re not really Dutch at all – tulips actually come from Iran and Central Asia. They are a significant plant in Iranian culture – the country’s flag even contains a stylised representation of the …Read More

Visitors enjoying Keukenhof in the late afternoon sunshine

Going Dutch

Nothing quite prepares you for a visit to Holland in the springtime. People talk of ‘flower fields’ but when you get there, it’s so vast and colourful that you feel as if you’ve been shrunk in size and placed in a giant surreal painting. It’s rather strange and wonderful at the same time.

You can’t help but be impressed by the scale and efficiency of the horticultural industry in the Netherlands. …Read More

Keukenhof 2015 – The Facebook Countdown.

Wow! What an overwhelming response. Here in South Lincolnshire we are passionate about our spring bulbs, after all, we grow up with them all around us. However, it turns out the whole of the UK loves them too!
Congratulation to all our winners, we cannot wait to see and hear about your spring floral displays this time next year! There will be many mini Keukenhofs around the UK. The countdown began with …Read More


The Final Push

As November fast approaches, it feels like every season other than winter. Like a strange and surreal echo of spring, my latest batch of autumn crocus from Spalding have burst into bloom. Their petals are even more beautifully marked than the first lot I planted – like fine old china, traced in delicate lines of blue and mauve.

Today is oddly summery, and it feels rather weird to be planting tulips …Read More

Tulip Mania Continues

Our tulip mania continues – Adrian and I have been so in awe of our tulips this year that we feel we must do a follow up on our last tulip blog and share some photos with you. The colours, shapes and sizes have all been utterly outstanding, you just want them to keep on flowering. It’s almost difficult to decide whether some of them are peonies or they really …Read More