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Bakker’s Top 10 for Spring 2018!

Who wouldn’t want some extraordinary bulbs ready to spice up your spring?
Here we have our top ten, chosen for a long display of colour, vigour and fun!
Every bulb offers something different! They will certainly stand out in the spring sunshine. With a wide variety of colour, shapes and sizes, they really are perfect to be planted in your borders, patio pots and homes!
There are so many spring bulbs to choose …Read More

Spring Garden Flowers

Eager for Spring to Start!

With all the bad weather around we were very lucky in this corner of the UK to enjoy a relatively dry weekend. After all the wet and cold weather I felt a sense of freedom when I was wandering around my garden looking for signs of spring.  I found the occasional beautiful blue anemone blanda in flower (always a favourite of mine) and the arrival of a few snowdrops showing …Read More

Gardening in June

Gardening in June

Those of us who are old enough will always remember 1976 as the year of the long, hot summer.   Similarly, we will no doubt remember 2013 as the summer that never was.   The temperature in our garden this morning (Midsummer’s Day) is a mere 16°C, well below the average, but we must at least be thankful for the fact that yesterday’s icy, howling gale has died down, so it feels …Read More

Bulb Planting - Gardening with Daphne Ledward

Bulb Planting – Gardening with Daphne Ledward

When I worked on Gardeners’ Question Time, around now we would always be deluged with questions about spring bulbs.   Naturally, as a resident of South Lincolnshire, I would always extol their virtues.   This would be followed every year by a torrent of abuse from one listener, who said I had no business to recommend spring bulbs of any sort, as their flowering time was so limited and they looked such …Read More

Preparing for spring - Gardening with Daphne Ledward

Preparing for spring – Gardening with Daphne Ledward

2012 will go down in my memory as the year that sorely tried our garden and the little wood and kitchen garden down the road that we call The Patch. The hard frosts of the winter played havoc with the fig tree, eucalyptus and ornamental bay trees. The spring drought and hosepipe ban ensured that the early vegetables in my raised beds struggled to make anything of themselves. The lack …Read More