Springing into autumn

A warm summer’s evening might seem a weird time to be thinking about spring, but as anyone who’s been to any DIY store or garden centre recently will know, it’s bulb time again. Like mushrooms after the rain, racks of packets, covered in gaudy pictures, suddenly sprout on the shelves, and the soft thud of the Bakker.com bulb catalogue on the doormat heralds a change in the pace of the …Read More

Q&A - Question & Answer about gardening

Facebook Q&A with Gareth Richards – 14-02-14

Q: Clare Madderson – Hi Spalding me again. I have 15 pots in my front garden, a lot are covered in moss etc, would it be best to put fresh soil in each of them to start again, and also the bulbs that are in there i.e snowdrops etc, can I just transfer them to the new soil? Thank you.
 Hi Clare, yes, it’s generally best to use fresh compost in your …Read More

Spring Garden Flowers

Eager for Spring to Start!

With all the bad weather around we were very lucky in this corner of the UK to enjoy a relatively dry weekend. After all the wet and cold weather I felt a sense of freedom when I was wandering around my garden looking for signs of spring.  I found the occasional beautiful blue anemone blanda in flower (always a favourite of mine) and the arrival of a few snowdrops showing …Read More