The Chelsea Chop

“Oh so you’ve done the Chelsea Chop have you?” – accompanied by a knowing nod of approval and a slight air of smugness. It’s one of those gardening rites of passage, a little piece of jargon that makes those in the know feel just a little wiser than the rest.
It’s nothing to do with illicit substances or even anything vaguely highfalutin’ – merely a seasonal shearing of some of May’s …Read More


Spring Cleaning Your Garden

After a week’s holiday I strutted around the garden on Sunday like a horticultural Victor Meldrew. Having said that, the cries of “I don’t BELIEEEEVE IT!” were generally ones of happiness rather than exasperation and despair. Pots of crocus (the sublime ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’) that I thought had come up blind were flowering at full throttle, showing their deep gold and bronze faces to the spring sunshine. Broad beans on the …Read More

Daphne - Pruning

Pruning – Gardening with Daphne Ledward

With Christmas galloping towards us, I am beginning my usual panic of what to buy for Christmas presents. Keen gardeners aren’t usually a problem, as we are generally thinking along the same lines, but this year my brother-in-law has presented me with a problem.
He is very keen on his trusty pair anvil secateurs (the ones all real gardeners could be seen using at one time).   I think he might even have …Read More