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How not to garden

Ever looked through other people’s Facebook feeds and thought how their lives must be way better than yours? I reckon it’s something most of us feel from time to time.

But of course, for every immaculate beach sunset there were dozens of grey rainy days – it’s just that online, everyone tends to present edited highlights rather than a warts-and-all account of what’s going on. And this blog is no exception. …Read More


Salad days

It might seem weird, writing about salads as we career headlong into the darkest days of the year. But trust me, there’s plenty to be munching on, if you know where to look and what to grow. And crisp winter salads are sometimes the best of all – the perfect ‘detox’ antidote to too much stodgy food and the inevitable boozy excesses of the season.

What with the chaos of starting …Read More

Salad - Lettuce

Eating autumn leaves

Mid October might seem an odd time to be writing about the joys of home-grown salad, but let me assure you – there’s plenty to be nibbling on at this time of year. My successional sowings have done really well – I’ve just started harvesting the first rocket, mizuna and cress I sowed in early September, along with red cos lettuce sown on 17 July and chicories sown just after …Read More