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Look to the future now…

Back in the summer, a friend of mine served me some delicious pink elderflower cordial. When I asked what she’d put in it, she replied “nothing – it’s from my red elder!” I could scarcely believe my eyes until she showed me a beautiful shrub in her garden, 6ft tall and covered in rich purply-red leaves. I put the red-leafed elderberry on my wish list and promptly forgot about it.
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Beat the weeds, eat the weeds…….

Ah April… the days suddenly stretch out, the sun gets stronger and stronger and everywhere you look, green shoots burst forth from the rapidly-warming soil. But among the hostas, the primulas and the tulips, something sinister lurks…
Just as our precious garden plants stir into life, so unfortunately do the weeds. In the vegetable garden, so the old adage goes, only sow outdoors once the weeds have started to grow. And they’re definitely growing! Ground …Read More