5 Ways To Enhance Your Garden With A Water Feature

A growing number of people in the UK are discovering the joys of gardening. In a study of 2,000 British homeowners, a third of young people said that they love to garden, with most spending around £747 to improve their outdoor spaces. As the gardening movement grows, it is expected that more young Brits will be spending more time and effort to enhance their garden in preparation for next year. Recently, …Read More


New Year, New Beginnings

January, named from the two-headed Roman god Janus who looks both forwards and backwards, is a great time to take stock in the garden. The leaves are down, everything that dies back has done so by now and the garden is at its absolute barest – all the strengths and weaknesses of its design will be at their most obvious. Take a moment to look out from various different windows …Read More

Creating a pool in the garden - water

Water Garden – Creating the pool

Siting the pool
Water gardens, except bog areas, which can stand a certain amount of shade, are best situated in an open, sunny position, otherwise the water tends to green up with algae. If you are using a fountain or similar, place the pool where you are most likely to get the benefit from the sound of splashing water, otherwise an informal pool is sometimes better in a peaceful spot away …Read More

Pond Garden

Garden pond

Every garden should have water in one form or another.   I hadn’t intended to have a pond when I moved here over thirty years ago.   I’d moved house rather a lot until then and my previous two homes didn’t have one, or any form of water feature; because I wasn’t likely to stay long in either, it didn’t seem worth the bother.   This garden really didn’t seem big enough to …Read More