Evening sunshine

Time to titivate

I love this time of year. As the longest day comes and goes, a profound shift of gear occurs in the garden. Week by week, plants get bigger, bolder and brighter, and your gardening jobs change from hard graft to to harvesting the fruits of your labours. It’s the sweetest of times – everything is fresh and green and one by one, a multitude of different fruits ripen, delighting the …Read More


The Chelsea Chop

“Oh so you’ve done the Chelsea Chop have you?” – accompanied by a knowing nod of approval and a slight air of smugness. It’s one of those gardening rites of passage, a little piece of jargon that makes those in the know feel just a little wiser than the rest.
It’s nothing to do with illicit substances or even anything vaguely highfalutin’ – merely a seasonal shearing of some of May’s …Read More

July Garden

July Weather

With all the talk about this year’s being another 1976, those of us who actually remember as far back as that can’t help but compare the two summers – as far as this one’s gone, anyway.
There are ways in which the two years don’t compare.   For a start, after a wet and miserable spring in 1976 (some likenesses there, then) the long, hot summer started at the beginning of June, …Read More


In due season – July

This is traditionally the month when the average gardener has his or her mind less on doing the garden than on getting the most out of what summer weather we get. There are still jobs to be done which cannot be avoided – dead-heading, weeding, hoeing, feeding, watering in drought periods, and making sure all stakes, ties and other supports are provided where necessary and are in order – this …Read More