Bat love

Poor old bats. No, I’m not talking about little old ladies who insist on going out shopping at lunchtime when you’re in a rush and paying for everything in the smallest change possible. They, quite frankly, can get lost. I’m talking pipistrelles, horseshoes, natterer’s and the other 14 different species of bat that we share our island with.


They (the furry sort) get a bad press. Being creatures of the night, …Read More

Frost Leaves Garden

For the love of… frost?

I missed it. Dahlias frazzled and a thick layer of ice in the water butts were the only clues as I wrenched myself out of the house and hurried to the allotment into the watery light of a hazy November Sunday afternoon. Jack Frost had well and truly paid a visit.
Despite the devastation, I was glad. Why? Well, frost is very useful to us gardeners, for a number of reasons. …Read More

Honey Bee

Bee counted – before it’s too late

When faced with a small buzzing insect many of us (and this includes me) are often a bit clueless. Reactions vary from outright fear to mild curiosity as immortalised by Ab-Fab’s Patsy Stone.
We tend to think of bees as a single thing but you’d be amazed to learn there are more than 260 species of them in the UK! Pretty amazing, considering we only have 30 native land mammals and …Read More

Butterfly in Garden

Help for (garden) heroes

Although it’s often said that dogs are man’s best friend, I suspect if we really thought about who our allies are in the animal world, creatures with six legs would definitely beat those with four. It’s becoming increasingly well-known that insects are not only important and useful for gardeners (read this article), but many of them are in trouble.
An estimated one third of our food depends on pollinating insects, and …Read More


Pests and diseases

Most of the trials and tribulations affecting other garden plants also affect those under glass, only worse, because the increased warmth and close atmosphere will encourage them. There are, however, many which are especially annoying in the greenhouse, the most common of which are listed in the table below.

Common Greenhouse Problems


Rotting flowers and buds, grey mould or discoloured blotches on leaves, stems and sometimes fruit
Spray with Benlate. Remove affected parts. …Read More