It’s a cheese & vine party!


Led Zeppelin is on in the back ground and the coffee table is swamped by a Swiss cheese plant… No you haven’t just stepped back in time, the 1970’s style is set to take interiors by storm this year ( and Zeppelin never went away).


From shag pile rugs, to colourful velvet sofas and house plants in abundance, there’s something to excite everyone about this fun 70s décor style revival.

So, dust …Read More

Split Corona Narcissus

360 extravagance!

On first inspection you may wonder why you have been gifted a box of tissues – for the packaging of these supersized bulbs is often akin to our nasal wiping friends’ holder. But fear not, for this parcel is Pandora at her brightest.

Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum to give them their correct botanical name) are the Cartier of the horticultural jewels. Rather like diamond from carbon, comes 360 extravagance from a dull …Read More

Hyacinth Blue

Beating blues with blue

As soon as I opened the front door I knew. A long-lost scent hit my nostrils, richly fragrant and unashamedly old-school floral. The hyacinths had opened. I smiled and shut the door against the dank and rainy night.
At the risk of losing whatever horticultural ‘street cred’ I may (or may not) possess, I’m going to say it loud and proud. I love hyacinths! They are so proud, so unashamed, so …Read More


Giving the gift of life

I know I’m biased, but what better Christmas present for a loved one than a plant? And what better kind of plant to buy than a houseplant, bringing a taste of tropical summer to the very darkest days of the year.

Houseplants have moved on light years from just being the odd dusty rubber plant in the corner. There are houseplants specially selected to purify the air in your home, houseplants …Read More