Cooking with fresh basil

Basil is the common name for the herb Ocimum basilicum and one of the most widely-used herbs in the world, from pesto to pasta sauces, basil runs the kitchen. It is usually used at the last moment of cooking, as cooking it quickly destroys its flavour. Being a common household herb we thought we would share three delicious recipes with you, a luxurious starter, main course and a dessert using fresh …Read More

Cooking with fresh Rosemary

Cooking with fresh rosemary

Cooking with fresh rosemary? Rosemary is considered one of the main herbs in Mediterranean cuisine. This herb is used in marinades for meat and fish. But did you know that you can also use it in a homemade dessert? Rosemary is very popular for cooking, so we thought we would show two delicious recipes, a luxurious main course and a dessert using fresh rosemary.

Rosemary pork roast


500 gr pork roast
6 …Read More


A beginner’s collection of herbs

Twelve good perennial culinary species
Angelica (Angelica archangelica) (6 ft/2 m). Tall and shortlived. Stems can be crystallized for cake decoration.
Sweet bay (Laurus nobilis) (20ft/6m). Evergreen shrub. Can be damaged by frost in bad winters. Will clip well to control size. Used in casseroles and puddings.
Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) Herbaceous. Onion-like leaves and mauve flowers. Delicate onion flavour.
Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) (5-6 ft/1.5-1.75 m). Herbaceous. Feathery leaves, yellow flowers. Bronze-leaved form available. Good …Read More

Sweet hern - Herbs

Herbs – Obtaining and cultivating

Herbs can be obtained as young plants by collection and/or mail order from most nurseries and garden centres, but a better selection is usually found at specialist herb nurseries which will also be able to give you other tips in connection with their uses — in cookery, or pot-pourri, or for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, for example. Some health food stores and supermarkets are now offering limited varieties in small …Read More



Gone are the days when home cooking confined itself to a roast and two veg. The trend towards eating out more, especially in foreign-food restaurants, has made everyone more aware of different tastes and flavourings — and there is no doubt that the subtle use of herbs, preferably fresh, can enhance even the most mundane meal. Most aromatic plants are no more difficult to grow than any other ornamentals, so …Read More