Holly, but not as you know it

How are your balls? Box balls, that is. If, like many gardeners across the country, your box trees are looking a bit poorly then read on.

Over recent years, three new nasties have started attacking our most beloved of topiary plants. Two kinds of fungus (both known as ‘box blight’) and the box tree caterpillar have begun conspiring to pretty much seal the fate of a plant we’ve been growing in …Read More


The water saving garden

Most gardens can be modified to use much less water than they already do. There are many ways to make a garden much more thrifty where supplementary watering is concerned. How many of these ideas are necessary depends very much on geographical location and temporary climatic conditions, but there are few gardens which would not benefit in some way from at least one of these ideas. Remember, too, that cutting …Read More


Boundaries – Hedges continued

Lonicera nitida. This is another evergreen or semi-evergreen with tiny, round leaves and a rapid growth habit which can give you an unending job for the whole of the summer. You can take cuttings easily from friends’ hedges — indeed, clippings dropped on to the soil and not cleared up will root where they lie. Against it is its untidy habit — it gets woody in the middle with a …Read More


Boundaries – Hedges

Hedges and screens

A well-maintained hedge is a delight in a garden. Even formal evergreen ones look different depending on the time of year. Birds nest in them readily, so wildlife is attracted.
There is a very wide choice of suitable subjects for every purpose.
Hedges tend to filter wind, rather than block it, doing away with down-draughts created by solid screens.
They are comparatively inexpensive to establish.
By choosing …Read More

Hedge trimmer

The Hedge Trimmer

The hedge trimmer. This piece of equipment would only be required immediately by a gardener with an inherited hedge, or many bushy plants, such as heathers, requiring regular trimming. But anyone intending to plant a hedge may like to consider acquiring a trimmer when the time comes for regular cutting. Hedges can be clipped with shears, but if the new growth is a bit tough and woody, shears can soon …Read More