Looking after the greenhouse

What you do regarding the cultivation of individual plants will largely depend on type and variety, but there are general rules of maintenance which will apply in most cases. If the greenhouse is constructed of timber, make sure it is regularly treated or painted.
Always keep the glass clean outside and in, especially in winter when light is at a premium. Dirty glass can considerably reduce the amount of light reaching the …Read More

Siting the greenhouse

Siting the greenhouse

Greenhouses are usually supplied with a plinth of the same material they are constructed with and this can be placed straight on to the earth or concrete where the house is to be erected, or, preferably, put on to a foundation and dwarf wall of bricks or concrete.
It is really a matter of personal preference whether you decide to concrete or pave the whole floor or leave borders down one …Read More


Heating and Watering a Greenhouse


If you decide to have heat in the greenhouse itself, and not just in propagating frames inside, you have several choices available. Natural gas, domestic fuel oil, and solid fuel heating are really only suitable for larger structures and work with water pipes in a similar way to central heating in the home.
Paraffin stoves are perhaps the easiest and cheapest forms of free-standing heaters and can vary from the very …Read More

Types of Greenhouses

Types of Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are next to the rectangular ones in the popularity stakes. They can be attached to a house wall, high garden wall, or over a door. They are almost as satisfactory as the free-standing ones and much warmer. Sometimes plants can be drawn towards the light and away from the solid walls so the plants should be turned regularly. They are slightly cheaper as you only have to purchase …Read More


Greenhouses and conservatories

Generally speaking, greenhouses and conservatories can supply the same sort of facilities as each other, the main difference being that conservatories have a wider range of building materials in their construction, and often, if they have been added to a property as a sun-room extension, they may have a solid roof, which cuts down the available light. Modern conservatories are also double-glazed.
Although you may not need planning permission or building …Read More