Allergic to gardening?

 “they [pollen grains] are tiny – perfect masterpieces of natural architecture and structural engineering – and often breathtakingly beautiful”*

Pollen is amazing stuff, and it’s everywhere in spring and summer months. Its individual grains are infinitely variable and beautiful when you look at them under a microscope, with forms varying from simple footballs to prickly alien spaceships.
However, try telling that to someone who’s who has spent the first sunny day of …Read More


Spring Cleaning Your Garden

After a week’s holiday I strutted around the garden on Sunday like a horticultural Victor Meldrew. Having said that, the cries of “I don’t BELIEEEEVE IT!” were generally ones of happiness rather than exasperation and despair. Pots of crocus (the sublime ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’) that I thought had come up blind were flowering at full throttle, showing their deep gold and bronze faces to the spring sunshine. Broad beans on the …Read More



Ornamental grasses have become very popular in recent years. As a contrast to other foliage plants they are unrivalled, and there are few more attractive sights in winter than the frost-covered dead heads. Ornamental grasses can be found in a wide range of colours and heights — for an unusual effect, a bed consisting solely of grasses of differing heights and hues is certainly worth considering.
Six eye-catching ornamental grasses
Acorusgramineus Ogon’ …Read More