Are bulbs boring?



I’ve been gripped by bulb fever this autumn, buying packets of dwarf daffodils, tulips, iris etc as if they were going out of fashion. I’m determined that come springtime, I won’t regret being stingy back in the autumn – and end up buying pots of bulbs in flower at a much greater cost than purchasing dry bulbs in the autumn.


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Christmas made easy.

We have looked at the trials and tribulations of the Poinsettia recently and all that is needed to keep one happy and most importantly alive! This blog looks at the easier options for Christmas house plants. One of my favourites is the Cyclamen which we will get on too shortly, as first off we will go to the easy-peasy, look after it with your eyes closed, Christmas Cactus!
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High drama on the windowsill – Amaryllis

Recently I’ve been blogging about dainty, polite little bulbs like autumn crocus, cyclamen and dwarf daffodils. Now, as the weather turns from ‘mildly autumnal’ to ‘deluge’ and I’m trapped inside, it’s time to take a look at the drag queens of the bulb world, amaryllis.
Just like drag queens, the name we know them by is not their own. The houseplant amaryllis is in fact properly called Hippeastrum, which to me …Read More