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Bakker’s Top 10 for Spring 2018!

Who wouldn’t want some extraordinary bulbs ready to spice up your spring?
Here we have our top ten, chosen for a long display of colour, vigour and fun!
Every bulb offers something different! They will certainly stand out in the spring sunshine. With a wide variety of colour, shapes and sizes, they really are perfect to be planted in your borders, patio pots and homes!
There are so many spring bulbs to choose …Read More


Grow your own Valentine

Thrifty lovers and gardeners who like a bit of a bargain, read on. Now’s the time to get inventive for some low-cost yet surprisingly elegant presents next year. “Here’s something I grew for you” sounds so much better than “Here’s something I just bought you”, doesn’t it? And what could be a better Valentine’s Day present than home-grown flowers?
As a general rule, the earlier a bulb flowers in the spring, the …Read More


Hocus crocus – an autumnal magic trick

As a kid I used to hate the shops who’d put out their ‘Back to School’ ranges in the third week of July (I’m pointing at you, WH Smith)… Yet here I am, 15 years later, urging gardeners to think about autumn in mid-July.
‘This had better be good’ I hear you say. Well, I promise you it is. Autumn crocuses are one of my all-time favourite plants, giving you a …Read More

Keukenhof 2015 – The Facebook Countdown.

Wow! What an overwhelming response. Here in South Lincolnshire we are passionate about our spring bulbs, after all, we grow up with them all around us. However, it turns out the whole of the UK loves them too!
Congratulation to all our winners, we cannot wait to see and hear about your spring floral displays this time next year! There will be many mini Keukenhofs around the UK. The countdown began with …Read More

Bring on the Spring!

I love a crisp cold winter’s morning as much as the next person. But there really is something uplifting about seeing the first signs of spring! The mighty winter aconites are now out in force around the wooded areas of South Lincolnshire, kicking off the year in style with a flash of brilliant yellow and it shouldn’t be too long until the dots of white, orange and purple join them.

The cute …Read More


High drama on the windowsill – Amaryllis

Recently I’ve been blogging about dainty, polite little bulbs like autumn crocus, cyclamen and dwarf daffodils. Now, as the weather turns from ‘mildly autumnal’ to ‘deluge’ and I’m trapped inside, it’s time to take a look at the drag queens of the bulb world, amaryllis.
Just like drag queens, the name we know them by is not their own. The houseplant amaryllis is in fact properly called Hippeastrum, which to me …Read More

Crocus Speciosus

Crocus before Christmas?

There’s something wonderful about autumn-flowering bulbs. They feel, somehow, like a bit of a cheat, or an extra treat from the usual spring display of daffodils and tulips. I especially love them for being so fresh and virginal at a time when many other plants have gone to seed, or flopped like drunks staggering out of a party.
A particular favourite of mine is an autumn-flowering crocus, Crocus speciosus,  which shoots …Read More


Light Up Your Garden With Summer Bulbs

Where would we be in spring without bulbs? No daffodils, tulips or hyacinths… it just wouldn’t be the same. But don’t forget, you can plant bulbs now too for quick and easy summer flowers.
Summer bulbs are one of the most sure-fire ways to inject a splash of colour into your garden. The reason they’re a good bet is that someone else has done a year or two’s work looking after …Read More


Spring Cleaning Your Garden

After a week’s holiday I strutted around the garden on Sunday like a horticultural Victor Meldrew. Having said that, the cries of “I don’t BELIEEEEVE IT!” were generally ones of happiness rather than exasperation and despair. Pots of crocus (the sublime ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’) that I thought had come up blind were flowering at full throttle, showing their deep gold and bronze faces to the spring sunshine. Broad beans on the …Read More


Cherish your bulbs – Gardening with Daphne Ledward

March is when spring bulbs really come into their own.   At the beginning of the month, late snowdrops and early crocuses herald the start of spring, and from then onwards there is a cascade of beauty right through until the alliums remind us that summer has arrived.
It is all too easy to forget spring bulbs after their performance is over, but to get the best from these invaluable plants, they …Read More