Spring Cleaning Your Garden

After a week’s holiday I strutted around the garden on Sunday like a horticultural Victor Meldrew. Having said that, the cries of “I don’t BELIEEEEVE IT!” were generally ones of happiness rather than exasperation and despair. Pots of crocus (the sublime ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’) that I thought had come up blind were flowering at full throttle, showing their deep gold and bronze faces to the spring sunshine. Broad beans on the …Read More


Shredding and composting vs burning

Shredding and composting v. burning. Most gardeners enjoy a good burn-up. There is something very satisfying about seeing a pile of rubbish reduced to a pile of ashes which can then be spread on the garden as a useful source of potash. Unfortunately, bonfires in recent years have become very unpopular, with smoke and smuts dirtying property and gases polluting the upper atmosphere.

The alternative to this is composting. Garden …Read More


How to get rid of your rubbish – the composter

The compost heap. In broad terms, a compost heap is a collection of green garden refuse — weeds, old pea and bean haulms, soft hedge trimmings, grass mowings, together with vegetable kitchen waste, leaves, straw and any other similar rubbish, such as shredded prunings and newspaper, which is piled so that it rots down by bacterial action. During the process, the part which is rotting becomes extremely warm; the warmer …Read More