Spring Cleaning Your Garden

After a week’s holiday I strutted around the garden on Sunday like a horticultural Victor Meldrew. Having said that, the cries of “I don’t BELIEEEEVE IT!” were generally ones of happiness rather than exasperation and despair. Pots of crocus (the sublime ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’) that I thought had come up blind were flowering at full throttle, showing their deep gold and bronze faces to the spring sunshine. Broad beans on the …Read More


Climbing Plants – Pests and Diseases

As climbing plants are nearly all shrubs or sub-shrubs, they are prone to the same troubles as free-standing ones, and the same action should be taken for control. The problem is, because climbing and wall plants are generally grown against some form of solid support, or bunched together up a pole, anything they get is generally on a much worse scale, because of the additional warmth, crowding of the foliage, …Read More


Climbing Plants – Possible means of support

Galvanized wire and strong plastic-coated wire. This should be pliable but not flimsy, so it can be pulled taut without kinks or sagging. It is usually wound round screws plugged into the wall or run through eyes and attached firmly at each end. Horizontal stretches at 1 ft (300 mm) intervals are usually adequate, but a mesh can be made by doing the same thing vertically as well. If the …Read More


Climbing Plants – continued

It is often recommended that rampant climbers, such as Clematis montana, Russian vine, honeysuckle, and some roses – notably Rosafilipes ‘Kiftsgate’ – should be encouraged to grow through a living tree. This can be done, but the climber may spoil the shape of it, and when entangled in the branches, it can make the canopy much thicker and shadier, thus reducing the selection of plants you are able to grow …Read More


Climbing Plants

Plants that grow better if given the support of a wall or trellis play a useful part in the landscaping of any plot, large or small, but especially in the very tiny garden where you gain extra space by growing vertically. They also help to soften harsh buildings and solid boundaries but before you completely conceal your property under a jungle of tendrils, there are certain points that ought to …Read More