The Chickens and The Egg

Today was a milestone in my little world of allotment chicken keeping. We’ve gone full circle, my girls and I – from egg to egg.


Regular readers of this blog may remember that when Itchy, the last of my ex-battery hens, started looking a bit peaky back in the spring, it coincided with a very determined spell of broodiness from Marian, my gorgeous Black Rock. So, doing the maths (one about …Read More

New chooks on the block

The memorial service was short – just a couple of dozen well-wishers and a brief eulogy from a local Archbishop. RIP Battina the ex-battery hen. Joking aside, I was really quite surprised how attached I’d grown to ‘Batty’ as she was called for short. For creatures without much brain, chickens have rather a lot of character. Batty was queen bee of my trio of hens that were rescued from the dog …Read More


Here come the girls

Meet Thelma and Louise. They’re the latest additions to our rapidly growing (home garden) hen count, just over three weeks old and already full of chirpy energy. They, and their sisters (we hope they’re girls!) arrived as eggs from our local community garden, The Green Backyard in mid February, and spent the first three weeks here in the alien-looking incubator.

They’re hybrids of a very cute breed called the “silkie”  – …Read More

The year that was… 2014

2014 was the year where I discovered the joy of growing crops (except squashes) from my own saved seeds; three characterful, mischievous chickens joined me at the allotment – and did wonders for my compost bin as well as my breakfasts. Floods in May were followed by a heatwave in July and a gorgeous September.
Yellow summer raspberries became my new favourite fruit, and I vowed to give Florence fennel one …Read More


The voices of experience…

Well what a wonderful team we have here at Spalding. Every member of staff has a super story to tell, whether it be about a pesky squirrel stealing figs straight from Nancy’s tree or 6 Chickens tucking into fresh cabbages straight from Linda’s allotment, this morning I’ve heard it all.
In this three part blog you have the chance to meet a few members of our team, a team with a …Read More


Chooks – Part 1

When people ask me what’s the secret of successful gardening, I often reply ‘think of your garden like a pet’. Just as you’d take your dog on a daily walk, rather than on just one 30 mile walk a month, so a garden benefits from regular attention. All too often, the people I see struggling with gardens or allotments are those who do a huge marathon one weekend, exhaust themselves …Read More