Roasted Vegetables

Roast Vegetables, a guide to getting them just right!

Roasted vegetables are a simple, delicious healthy dish. Using a mixture of different vegetables (home grown if you can!) will give a good balance of flavours to be eaten on their own or as a side dish.
Prepare butternut squash by chopping off any tough skin. Scrub or peel root vegetables like parsnips. You can also use other vegetables such as carrots, squash, celeriac and sweet potatoes. The more the merrier!
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View from shed to new greenhouse

Sow far behind!

If you feel like you’re not up to speed with your garden, take heart. April has a horrible habit of vanishing all too quickly – it tends to be full of such inconveniences as friends getting married and cluttering up weekends, Easter With The Family, etc etc. Last year it was building the chicken run which took up the majority of this most crucial of gardening months, this year it’s …Read More

The Late Late Sow

Midsummer’s day came and went, much like England’s world cup dreams. For me the sadness of shortening days is tempered by the joy of much less chat about football. Now we’re in high summer; it’s all about the long drowsy days of Wimbledon (much more civilised) and – even better – most of the season’s hard work is done on the allotment. There’s lots to pick – everything’s growing apace …Read More