Are bulbs boring?



I’ve been gripped by bulb fever this autumn, buying packets of dwarf daffodils, tulips, iris etc as if they were going out of fashion. I’m determined that come springtime, I won’t regret being stingy back in the autumn – and end up buying pots of bulbs in flower at a much greater cost than purchasing dry bulbs in the autumn.


But there’s a problem with bulbs… there won’t be anything much …Read More


What rot!

As leaves fall, remnants of Halloween pumpkins rot steadily by the roadsides and mushrooms burst forth under almost every tree, my thoughts turn to death and decay. It’s not a bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder, honest; it’s something magical and weirdly satisfying – the alchemy of compost making.
But how on earth do you turn your manky old bean stems, lawn clippings and swept-up leaves into sweet-smelling crumbly compost like the …Read More


The Strawberry Slam (Chooks Part 3)

“Ex-batts”. Sounds a bit lifeless, doesn’t it? Like something unplugged and discarded. However, my girls have been anything but lifeless, adding a whole new dimension to the plot. It’s been almost six months since I got them, three pale and frightened-looking hens from a battery farming operation in south Lincolnshire.

They’ve changed from flighty fence-huggers to feisty, inquisitive and surprisingly friendly birds, each with their own personality. Itchy, who was always …Read More