Bat love

Poor old bats. No, I’m not talking about little old ladies who insist on going out shopping at lunchtime when you’re in a rush and paying for everything in the smallest change possible. They, quite frankly, can get lost. I’m talking pipistrelles, horseshoes, natterer’s and the other 14 different species of bat that we share our island with.


They (the furry sort) get a bad press. Being creatures of the night, …Read More

Bat - Bats in the garden

Going Batty!

Confession time. I’m a bit batty. Take that as you will but I’m talking a deep admiration for small furry flying mammals, the mere thought of which makes some people want to scream.
Our native bats are a cute bunch, 18 species of what are called ‘microbats’ (as opposed to the largely tropical, technical-sounding ‘megabats’ – I kid you not). Microbats are smaller, and eat only insects, whereas some megabats also …Read More