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January 2015 has brought with it the strongest winds we have seen in the UK for quite some time! Now, don’t get me wrong, I would prefer this to the cold white stuff any day. However, our gardens can really suffer if we don’t take some temporary measures to minimize the damage from this blustery pest.

Fence damaged in high winds

There are so many products on the market to protect plants and tree’s from the frost. However, the wind is very much over looked. Now is the time to check garden structures for damage during and after the strong winds and gales that we are experiencing. Trellises, arches and other supports should be repaired now, before the weight of rampant climbers begin in the Spring to add to the strain. Painted fences and trellises can deteriorate if neglected, so give an extra coat now, while they are more exposed, using exterior paints or stains containing water-based wood preservatives that are safe to use around plants and animals.

Well staked young tree

Last year I planted two young trees. both are very much exposed to the elements. I have staked them well into the ground and fingers crossed they should stay put. However, as soon as possible stakes should be removed as the swaying in the light breeze will help the root structure, enabling the tree to withstand this type of weather as it matures.

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