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If you have limited space for a garden at home but you do have a blank wall or fence that needs some life adding to it, then you should think about creating a vertical garden. It doesn’t matter how big or small an area you have, this type of garden can be versatile in its design, both in size and plants. Similarly, people create vertical gardens when they haven’t got the time for tending to a larger space and want to have a low-maintenance garden instead. Whether you choose to have annuals, edibles or perennials, it’s a great addition to the balcony of a flat or in a small garden.

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Where do I start?

You firstly need to build a panel to start you off and this can be bought commercially or improvised through using wire mesh, upcycling old pallets or using a large polypipe with holes drilled into it. Once your panel is up, you can add specialised trays or ceramic pots that clip onto the vertical surface which can be spaced out depending on what size and density of plants you’re going to use. Remember that the weight of the panel will be heavy once you’ve added soil, plants and water so make sure that it’s securely fixed, and that the walled area can cope with the strain. You might find this video useful, click here.

What plants can I use?
Depending on where you decide to have your vertical garden – either in a shady, sunny or even indoors – you’ll need to think about how much water they’ll use. Having a vertical garden can have many benefits so you can be as enthusiastic as much or as little as you want. For example, some people prefer to plant succulents on their walls as this means less watering. Alternatively, you can incorporate a drip irrigation system, especially if your vertical garden is quite big or inside the home and you don’t want to spend too much time taking care of your garden.

Make sure you select plants that have shallow root systems, are suited to where they are positioned and are grouped together for similar conditions. For example, you could have a vertical herb garden, a hanging strawberry pot, or flowers and foliage that complement each other. If you’re deciding on a new hobby, then growing a vertical garden is a great option.

All of these are important considerations when choosing what type of vertical garden you want and once you’ve thought about the location, design and plants, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the calm oasis of greenery around your home.


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