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Ismene ‘Sulphur Queen’
Ismene ‘Sulphur Queen’

In the middle of April Adrian and I spent an industrious afternoon planting bulbs and are now enjoying what we hope will be the beginning of our flower festival. The first to flower is the Ismene ‘Sulphur Queen’, with rather unique looking flowers in yellow and green. The yellow flowers fade to almost white at the edges and have a lovely striped green throat. Such an intriguing flower with a very pleasant fragrance that makes you wish you had bought twice the amount. It could almost be mistaken for belonging to the narcissi family. The flowers are so cheerful looking with healthy green foliage and are just what is needed for a pot on the patio where they can enjoy the warmth of the sun (shaded from full sun) and they can of course be cut for a vase in the home. Myself I prefer them in a pot on the patio just near my French windows where I can see and enjoy them from indoors.

Have I sold the idea of growing these stunning flowers to you? If so make sure that you put them on your Bakker Spalding Garden Company wish list for next spring!

Ismene ‘Sulphur Queen’We are now waiting for our lilies ‘Queen of the Night’ and ‘Dimension’ buds to open – any day now. Each day when I get home it’s a quick look outside to see if todays the day. I think maybe by the end of the week we will be lucky.

Planting bulbs is rewarding and exciting and so easy with very little maintenance. To get the best results all you need to know is the requirements of each variety, where best to plant regarding sun, shade etc. and do they require special planting compost. Most bulbs prefer well-drained compost and at least 5-6 hours of daily sun. Plus many bulbs will multiply each year giving you more flowers for your money.


When you purchase bulbs if you can’t plant them immediately always make sure that you store them in a cool, frost-free place as this will stop them from drying out.


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