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Vanda Orchid

A hanging orchid without soil? It does exist! The Vanda originated on the southern slopes of the Himalayas of India and Southern China. There they grow high in the jungle canopy, attaching themselves to trees with their long aerial roots and feeding on the morning dew and the rains. Vanda flowers are long-lasting and you will be able to enjoy flowering plants and cut stems for weeks on end.

Vandas have aerial roots which become hard when dry. To avoid damaging or breaking these aerial roots, keep them moist by use of a shower or tap. Try to avoid wetting or indeed touching the flowers. The roots will change colour from grey to green when they are sated. Place the plant in a big enough vase that allows you to coil the roots in such a way that they fill the vase and the actual plant sticks out above. Hanging the plant, as is, on a hook works well too. This allows the roots to hang down naturally. Try not to damage them, which ever way you do it.

A Vanda needs lots of light to flower. Avoid direct sunlight in the summer as this will make the leaves turn a pale green and possibly even shrivel them. Too little light will colour them dark green again but the plant will no longer flower.

Vanda Orchid Bathroom
Vanda Orchid Bathroom

The flower will not have its full colour upon opening so extra light when in bloom will bring lovely bright colours to the flowers. The flowers will be at full size in around ten days.

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