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Adrian at work - Views from the Greenhouse

It’s September and the beginning of a another gardening month, Adrian will be here shortly with the fish and chips and we must then get down to deciding what jobs we have in store for this month. The greenhouse is well on its way now with the new seedlings (after ‘the snail’ had earlier raided some of the pots).


Adrian at work - Views from the GreenhouseAdrian’s  –  A general cleaning of the greenhouse. We like this done before bringing in potted plants for winter storing. Also Adrian to check out if we need to add any insulation for the winter it’s getting a little chilly at nights. Off you go Adrian.

Annie’s  – Whilst he is tidying the greenhouse I will sit with a nice glass of wine, put pen to paper, and make a list of jobs to be done this month.

Jobs for September

  • Plant Prepared Hyacinths for Christmas flowering.
  • Harvesting apples – won’t take long this year; only have about a dozen – not a good season for mine – must check out possible causes of poor fruit crop.
  • Other fruit can also be harvested this month.
  • Must look around the garden for flower cuttings. We were happy with our results last year and had great fun watching their growth.
  • Must prune my rambling rose after it has finished flowering and now is the time to decide if I need any new roses for planting.
  • Prune other roses – must also try taking rose cuttings this year.
  • Keep the lawns clear of leaves.
  • Spring flowering bedding plants can now be planted.
  • Check if any of my perennials need splitting and replanting.
  • An ideal time now to start planting favourite bulbs – such a variety to choose from and difficult to decide – must plan!
  • Must keep an eye on my potted begonias they will soon need to be taken out of the pots for winter storing.
    What vegetables do we need for my list – we are limited for space this year so I think we’ll stick with Lambs lettuce, Garlic, Rocket and Carrots (maybe try growing the carrots in a tub). But now is also the time for sowing Broad beans, spring cabbage, and turnips.

I wonder how Adrian is getting on in the greenhouse  – hope he hasn’t forgotten to wash the pots out – I’ll take him a cup of tea and see how he’s getting on.

Back to my list. Looking at the hedges they will need tidying up. When Adrian has finished in the Greenhouse I’ll get him to aerate the lawn. What a busy man he is going to be – hope he hasn’t got any holidays planned!

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