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ALWAYS read the manufacturers’ instructions.

Make sure you buy the right chemical for the job you want to do.

Wear gloves when handling the concentrated weedkiller and the diluted solution.

DO NOT get it on your skin or in your mouth and eyes.

DO NOT apply liquid herbicides as a fine mist. Even in still air they will drift where you don’t want them to.

DO NOT apply during windy conditions.

DO NOT accept bottles of unknown substances from friends who tell you they’re suitable for what you want to do.

These are likely to be agricultural chemicals which are very difficult to dilute and apply accurately in small doses and areas. Potentially toxic substances should not be removed from the original containers in which the manufacturer packed them, and certainly not into ‘pop’ or similar bottles. Many highly poisonous chemicals look very much like soft drinks in their concentrated form.

It is in fact illegal to decant an agricultural or horticultural product into another container, even if it appears suitable for the purpose.

DO NOT apply weedkillers when there are children and animals around.

Always wash the applicator out thoroughly at the end of applying the herbicide. If possible, keep one watering can or sprayer to be used for weedkillers alone to avoid accidental contamination of other plants.

Wash hands and face well at the end of the job and before meals, even if protective clothing has been worn.

Store on a high shelf or in a locked cupboard.

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