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Rob Verlinden - Garden Expert Holland

We have joined forces with the most well-known Dutch gardener Rob Verlinden! Rob has produced five packages for layer planting (known as lasagne planting), which are sold exclusively by us.

Rob Verlinden says: “I would like to make as many people as possible enthusiastic about garden, patio and decking planting. We are the most ideal Company for home shopping customers to achieve this. Together we create a ‘Green and Blooming country”

We are offering a colourful yellow, pink, white, blue and white, pink and white and aubergine packages. Each package includes a wonderfully coloured Elho-pot, a variety of flower bulbs and winter-hardy violas. Because of the different flowering times of the products you will have colour on your patio from November through to May. What could be better?

Layer planting

Rob Verlinden - Garden Expert Holland
Rob Verlinden – Garden Expert Holland

Layer planting (planting bulbs in layers) is also known as lasagne planting and has been around for a very long time says Rob.


The Elho-pot that is supplied with the bulbs has a water reservoir so you can put a layer of compost at the bottom of the planter. The bulbs that are the last to flower need to be planted first and the bulbs that flower first want planting above them. Check out on the website for the order of planting. Place your bulbs with the point up and roots down. After each layer cover your bulbs with compost. Finally top with the violas in a slightly thicker layer of compost which will flower first (during the winter). The bulbs will need to be protected from frost by keeping them frost-free or cover the pot with bubble wrap.

Over the coming months you will be surprised by all the colours that shine through and sometimes at the same time. Because of the reservoir in the pot you will find that you won’t need to water so often.

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