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Rainbow Pack

I wanted to continue the theme of planting a Bakker Spalding rainbow and thought it would be fun to plant the colours of the tulips in their respective coloured pots.

Rainbow PackNow I can’t wait for spring (not that I want to wish my time away) and see the rainbow in its glory.

As I was minus a spare blue pot I utilised a black one and used my blue shoe cream to cover it and gave it a waterproof shoe spray – looking good although I think it may have been cheaper to have jumped in the car and gone and bought one – but being impulsive I couldn’t wait to get started.

For my pot of gold I’ve kept one bulb back from each packet and planted them together in one pot. By doing this I can look forward to ‘2’ rainbows.

As a child I always loved to spot a rainbow and even now I have to admit I get a little excited when I see one. So I am really looking forward to next spring when I hopefully have a rainbow on display when I stroll through my garden.

Rainbow Pack 2-w850I can’t wait to see what my sparring, gardening friend Adrian has decided to do with his – he’s keeping it a secret from me – he’s in trouble if he’s come up with something better.

The weather has been so pleasant today so as the conditions were in my favour I was able to give my lawn another cut and it’s looking good. I always try and keep on top of the mowing at this time of the year (mid Oct) just in case I get caught out and not able to do the last pre winter cut.

Rainbow Pack 3-w850

Don’t forget next ‘spring, get the camera out and show us your very own ‘Rainbow’, if you haven’t yet ordered your ‘Plant a Rainbow’ there’s still time.

Visit our website now – the Bakker Spalding ‘Rainbow’ pack is such great value you can’t afford to miss it!



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