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Rain or Tap Water - Gardening Garden Care

Rain or Tap Water - Plants Garden Care 3The warmer weather is here which means a drier period for the garden so it’s time to water or spray your plants!  Which is the best water to use – tap water or rain water? If you are watering potted plants, check the soil in the pots. Water gradually until the soil is moist and the water starts to run through the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. If watering plants in the garden check the soil first by putting a spade into the soil, the top 6-10 inches should feel moist. We recommend the best times for watering is either early morning or late afternoon.

Rainwater Pros:

  • Collect the water in a water butt – It’s free
  • Rainwater is more natural and usually soft therefore better for the garden plants
  • Rainwater barely contains calcium which is much better for the (pots) plants in your garden and as tap water is harder containing calcium it can leave residue stains on the leaves

Rainwater Cons:

  • Using rainwater creates more moss in the lawn by the low pH.
  • Rainwater flowing through zinc gutters could result in contaminates which would be bad for the garden. For plastic gutters, you have no problems here. 

Tap water Pros:

  • Plants such as lavender, boxwood and your lawn could use some calcium carbonate, which can be found in tap water
  • Tap water – very convenient – you just have to turn on the tap
  • The purchase and installation of a tap in the garden is not too much work to carry out and very convenient

Tap water Cons:

  • Outdoor plants do not like cold tap water. You should leave it in the sun to warm up before using
  • Most of the plants (except those mentioned above) do not like a high dose of lime
  • Do not use softened water from the tap to water plants

What is your choice?

Rain or Tap Water - Plants Garden Care 2In most cases, the best you can choose for your plants is rainwater. And if you do then you must invest in a water butt. You may want to consider a trendy style water collector with a nice sleek design. Take a look at the Pure ® Raindrop! There is even a mini rain barrel that collects water from the drainpipe in the integrated watering.

Take a look at our website there are several interesting water aids. For instance we have the Drip-feed Watering System ideal for your plants getting the right amount of water.


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