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It’s a common conundrum – where on earth to start in a new garden. It’s exactly this problem that I’m facing, two months after moving into a house with just a bare patch of gravel out back. New/empty gardens present challenges: such as poor, compacted soil, and lack of privacy. Luckily there are plenty of plants up to the job.

Five great plants for new gardens:

  • Tree Mallow
    Tree Mallow

    Tree mallow (Lavatera) – these shrubby relatives of hollyhocks are great for quick growth and flower power. They don’t mind poor soil and drought, just be sure to plant them somewhere sunny.

  • Lavender – moving house is stressful, so why not plant some lavender in your new garden – its delicious, calming fragrance and colourful flowers will soothe away the stresses all summer long. Like the tree mallow, lavender is quick growing and ideal for sunny spots in poor, dry soil.
  • Eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus – adding height is hugely important in making new gardens feel established and adding a bit of privacy. Eucalyptus is great for quick height, and can be removed after a few years when it gets too big. Alternatively it can be coppiced (regularly cut back to ground level) to keep it small and give pretty young foliage, which is great for flower arranging.

  • Bulbs – plant bulbs now for a sure-fire spring display. Bulbs are ideal for adding quick, cost-effective colour to gardens – for an unmissable injection of colour, why not try one of Bakker Spalding’s specially-selected bulb mixtures?
  • Apple-Blossom-Clematis
    Apple Blossom Clematis

    Apple blossom clematis – climbers are really useful for giving quick height and helping break up big expanses of fencing. This one is especially good because it’s evergreen and has pretty pink flowers in the spring.

For more garden design ideas see my previous blog New Year New Beginnings.


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